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Instrinsically Safe humidity transmitter

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Wall/Duct Humidity transmitter
Vaisala's duct-mounted HMD60/70 and wall-mounted HMW60/70 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for use in close control air conditioning applications where accurate and stable measuremen.....
Fixed Infrared thermometer for hot environment
- The new infrared thermometer for hot environmental temperatures up to 250C
without any need of cooling
- A varity of applications in dryers, ovens, heat treatment lines in the metal and glass.....
Humidity & Temperature Transmitter - Wall mounted with display
The Vaisala HMW90 Series has been complemented with four new models: TMW92 and TMW93 temperature transmitters for applications where only temperature measurement is needed and the configurable HMW90 a.....
Fixed infrared thermometer for Glass
CTGlass is a non-contact glass temperature measurement with precise aiming from 100 C to 1650 C......
Copper Instrumentation Cable - FEP Insulated
TEWire FEP Insulated Overall shielded copper instrumentation cable product features
  • Continuous Use -328F (-200C) to +400F (+200C)
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Electrical P.....
  • Fixed infrared temperature monitoring system
    The Optris CT Series fixed infrared temperature transmitter features:
  • one of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 20:1 optical resolution
  • rugged and usable up to 180ºC ambient t.....
  • Mass monitor
    Dekati Mass Monitor (DMM) is a real-time instrument for automotive particulate mass emission measurements, designed specially to meet the needs of the automotive industry.

    Conventional PM .....
    Humidity Calibrator
    It is essential that the funcitoning of an instrument is periodically checked against a reference Vaisala has developed the Vaisala humidity Calibrator HMK15 to make claibration and spot checking of .....
    Universal Input Data Recorder (FDA approved)
    The Vaisala 4000 Series of data recorders are designed to interface with a wide range of transducers, transmitters, and sensors with a DC voltage or 0 - 20 mA current loop output.

    The Vaisal.....
    Bimetal Thermometer
    Palmer BImetal thermometer can measure from -50º up to 500ºC. It's rugged design features all 304 stainless steel exterior parts with instrument glass lens. It's dials are specially fabrica.....