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Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity, and Temperature Probe

Indigo 200 Series Transmitters for Vaisala's Smart Probes

Moisture in Wood & Building material Meter

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Low Cost Mass Flowmeter
Compact, self contained Mass Flow Meters are designed to read flow rates of gases. The rugged design coupled with instrumentation grade accuracy provides versatile and economical means of flow control.....
Small Head Probes
Anritsu Model SH series probes are ideal for measuring the temperatures of moving or rotating surfaces. The SH series is better suited to small measurement targets than the U series. Specific compone.....
Magnetic Flow Sensor for with display
Flow-rate Integrating
Flow Volume Flowmeter

Model NW (Local display type)
Model NW-P (With pulse output)

Rugged pocket pyrometer
EDL Pocket-Probe Digital instruments are completely shielded and have an optional grounding feature that gives them superior EMI noise immunity that is not found in any other Digital instrument......
Wall/Duct Humidity transmitter
Vaisala's duct-mounted HMD60/70 and wall-mounted HMW60/70 humidity and temperature transmitters are designed for use in close control air conditioning applications where accurate and stable measuremen.....
Particle sampler
Dekati Fine Particle Sampler (FPS) is a complete sampling system for particle measurements from all types of combustion or industrial processes. Adjustable dilution ratio, dilution temperature and res.....
Instrinsically Safe humidity transmitter /
Moisture in Jet Fuel transmitter

Vaisala's HMT360 humidity and temperature transmitter is designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The electronics are designed so that the transmitter is intrinsically safe. The whole tr.....
Doppler: Portable Ultrasonic flowmeter
Dynasonics Series 902 offers our enhanced Doppler technology in a portable case designed for rugged field use. The rechargeable battery housed inside of the 902 enclosure provides a full eight hours .....
Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter
​​​Receive information on transformer fault situations with reliable and robust online transmitter.​​​

The Vaisala Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmi.....
Oil moisture transmitter
The Vaisala HUMICAP Moisture and Temperature Transmitter Series for Oil MMT330 enables fast and reliable detection of moisture in oil. The MMT330 can be used in on-line moisture monitoring and as a co.....