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Electronic display flow transmitter

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Transit time: Portable Ultrasonic flowmeter
Dynasonics TFXP Portable Transit Time Flow Meters feature the world’s most advanced non-invasive flow measurement technology providing a measuring system with unsurpassed accuracy, versatility, ea.....
Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity, and Temperature Probe
Vaisala HPP270 series is designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination where repeatable, stable, and accurate measurement is essential.

The Vaisala HPP270 probe is suitable for .....
Temperature Transmitter
Hedland Flotech's two-wire platinum RTD (resistance temperature dector) sensors with 4-20 mA output are designed for direct insertion into high pressure fluid systems without need for special pres.....
Dewpoint Transmitter - OEM
Designed for OEM system integrations. Ideal for dryers and dry air systems.


- Ideal choice for low dew point industrial dryer applications

- Incorporates adv.....
Moisture in Wood & Building material Meter
The Exotek Humitest series is a new generation of microprocessor controlled, pocket size handheld moisture meters. For quick and accurate non-descructive determination of the moisture content in wood.....
Quartz Thermohygrograph
Sato Thermohygrograph NSII-Q (as known as Sato Thermohygrograph SigmaII) comes with all transparent acryl-resin made case provides a full view of the chart paper without opening the case

High accuracy Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
Vaisala WS425 High accuracy Ultrasonic Wind sensor:
  • Measures wind speed and direction from the smallest breeze to hurricane force gales (0...65 m/s), including gusts
  • Superior data availabi.....
  • Doppler: Dedicated Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    Dynasonics DFX Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meters measure the flow of liquids that contain sound reflectors - suspended solids or gas bubbles greater than 35 micron size.

    The DFX software auto.....
    Combustible Gas Transmitter

    ADT transmitter with digital processing of the measured values and temperature compensation for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air and detection of combustible gase.....
    Indigo 200 Series Transmitters for Vaisala's Smart Probes
    Indigo 200 series is a host device for Vaisala’s CO2 probes
    GMP251 and GMP252, and the H2O2 probe HPP272......
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