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Pistone Type variable area flowmeter

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Fixed compact differential pressure transmitter
The pressure transmitters of the series DS1-010 and DS1-420 is for using in air and non aggressive gases. They measure difference- and absolute pressure, relative pressure and optionally velocity of f.....
Connectors and Other Probe Accessories.....
High Accuracy Magnetic Flowmeter
The Badger Meter M-Series mag meter model M-2000 detector is the result of years of research and field use in electromagnetic flow meters. Based on Faraday's law of induction, these meters can measure.....
Thermal Imager with USB2.0 interface
- High accuracy within temperature ranges of -20°C up to 900°C
- Easy to use - small size
- Excellent thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 0,08 K
- Exchangeable lenses with 9° FOV and 31° FOV
- R.....
Liquid Flow Switch
RCM general purpose Flo-Gard II flow switches (liquid) reed switches make or break contacts by detecting the position of a magnet permanently attached to the bellow. Our reed switches can also be or.....
Electronic Tire Gauge
Calibrating car tires become a simple, fast and easy procedure. Simply pre-set the desired pressure using the plus or minus buttons and connect the clip on hose chuck to the tire stem. Tire will autom.....
Humidity Calibrator
It is essential that the funcitoning of an instrument is periodically checked against a reference Vaisala has developed the Vaisala humidity Calibrator HMK15 to make claibration and spot checking of .....
Moving Wire Probes
Anritsu Model MW series probes are ideal for measuring the temperatures at the surface of moving wires. Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specifi.....
Pin-free Moisture Meter - RH functionality
Exotek MC-160SA works on the principle of measuring the dielectric constant of the material. The field penetration depth is approximately 50 mm. It can be used under outdoor and indoor conditions.
RTD Platinum thermometer
Wahl invented the portable Platinum-RTD Thermometer (Pat. No. 4,050,309) to provide exceptional accuracy and conformity in laboratory and industrial applications. The 392HP Meter/Probe System repre.....
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