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Dewpoint Transmitter - OEM

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The RCM Flo-GageTM is a direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, l/m, etc.) The Flo-Gage measures flow based on a pressure diffe.....
OPetrol PD Flowmeter for Oil (6" and above)
OPetrol PD flowmeters are typical volumetric instruments which directly measure the quantity of flowing liquid by means of a couple of rotors. These
instruments, totally manufactured in Italy since.....
Freon Gas Transmitter
Analog transmitter for the continuous monitoring of gases and vapours in the ambient air. Used in garages, chiller rooms and heating systems, the -Gard MA series analog transmitter is.....
Humidity Transmitter
The current loop-powered, two-wire transmitter is called the Vaisala HMT120 and the three-wire transmitter - with voltage and serial line outputs as well as a relay - is called the Vaisala HMT130. The.....
Fixed infrared temperature monitoring system
The Optris CT Series fixed infrared temperature transmitter features:
  • one of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 20:1 optical resolution
  • rugged and usable up to 180ºC ambient t.....
  • Copper Instrumentation Cable - UL Listed 300v PVC Insulated Served Wire armor
    TEWire UL Listed 300 Volt PVC Insulated, overall shielded served wire amor copper instumentation cable product features
  • UL Listed Subject 13 PLTC
  • Rated 105C 300 Volt
  • Flame Retardant .....
  • PD Flowmeter for water
    Elster Kent Helix Woltmann cold water meter can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines without loss of accuracy. This meter not only conforms to relevant BS, ISO and EEC standards,.....
    Magnetic Flow Sensor for with display
    Flow-rate Integrating
    Flow Volume Flowmeter

    Model NW (Local display type)
    Model NW-P (With pulse output)

    Dewpoint Transmitter - OEM
    Designed for OEM system integrations. Ideal for dryers and dry air systems.


    - Ideal choice for low dew point industrial dryer applications

    - Incorporates adv.....
    Pressure sensor and transmitter
    The Flotech F6301 Pressure Sensors utilize polysilicone strain resistors to create very low noise levels with very high signal output. The metal diaphragm and polysilicone bridge are unaffected by.....
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