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6 in 1 Weather Transmitter

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Prescale Pressures Film
Prescale Pressure Film measures and visualizes pressure range. When presure is applied, the micro capsules are broken and the color-forming material reacts with the color-developing material. Red patc.....
Self Supporting Probes
Model WE series probes are temperature sensors designed for stationary surfaces. These self-supporting probes can be used to measure temperature
simply by placing the probe on the measurement targe.....
6 in 1 Weather Transmitter
Compact and lightweight, the WXT520 is suitable for weather stations, dense networks, buildings, golf courses,marinas, harbors, and hotels - almost anywhere where real time weather data is needed. Acc.....
Ultrasonic Level Meter
Honda Electronics sensor transmits ultrasonic signals to an object or material - the surface of a liquid, for example - and receives the reflected signals. The meter then measures the elapsed time and.....
Analogue wind transmitter
With a proven track records of successful installations, the Vaisala Windset WA15 has earned its reputation in the industry standard in the wind sensor market. The WA15 consists of Vaisala Anemometer .....
Concrete Humidity Meter
The Vaisala HUMICAP Structural Humidity Measurement Kit HM44 is the ideal solution for measuring humidity in concrete......
Fixed Explosion Proof infrared thermometer
- Cost saving solution by simple concept
- Sensing head as simple electrical device enables installations in hazardous locations without problems
- Energy limitation with appropriate zener barri.....
Flow Governor
Aichi Tokei's governors are actively working at various locations for energy-saving, labor-saving on energy control, and providing safe supply of gas.
The ones introduced here are Aichi Tokei's sta.....
Dual Pulse Insertion Flow Meter
The Flomec Dual Pulse insertion flow transducer is an innovative design combining well proven technology with the performance enhanced by the use of modern engineering materials to provide a cost effe.....
Two wire Infrared sensor for rugged industrial applications
Easy two wire installation
- Wide measurement range of -30 C to 900 C
- Optional USB programming interface and software
- Wide power range: 5-30 V DC
- Optical resolution of 22:1
- Si.....
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