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Doppler: Portable Ultrasonic flowmeter

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Water flowmeter
Ryutai Kogyo Model ADF is in-line type, installed directly in your pipe line, and measure instantaneous flow rate of water with high accuracy. Simple design and rigid construction enable you to check .....
Magnetic Flow Sensor for with display
Flow-rate Integrating
Flow Volume Flowmeter

Model NW (Local display type)
Model NW-P (With pulse output)

Pin Free Paper Moisture Detector
The Exotek MC-60CPA is a new generation of microprocessor controlled, pocket size handheld moisture meter.

Exotek MC-60CPA is accurate, reliable and simple to use for rapid and non-destructive .....
Fixed Digital differential pressure transmitter
The pressure transmitters of the series DMU measures overpressure, vacuum, difference- and
absolute pressure and velocity of flow in air and non aggressive gases. The measuring values are directed .....
Humidity transmitter - Advanced
Vaisala HMT330 series are easy-to-use transmitters for demanding industrial and air conditioning applications. The transmitters measure relative humidity and temperature and from these calculate dew p.....
Digital barometer
Vaisala PTB330 Digital barometer is Designed for measurements in a wide environmental pressure and temperature range. Ideal for use e.g. as ship barometers, transfer standards and replacements for mer.....
Thermohygrograph Model Mini- (Blue)
A compact and lightweight (approx. 800g) thermohygrograph.
Sato Thermohygrograph Model Mini-a can be used as a desktop or a wall-mount use.(Blue).....
PD Flowmeter for liquids
Blancett Model B1750 positive displacement flow meter provides high measuremnt accuracy for fluids over wide viscosity range. Applications include lubricants, fuels, chemicals and solvents, oils and .....
Needle probe
Having trouble measuring internal temperature of an object? Anritsu BS series are your best choice as it is able to do so by piercing through the object. It is suitable for semi-solid objects and .....
Air: Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter
Tokico Ultrasonic Gas Meter supporting a wide flow range with high accuracy......
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