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Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System

Vaisala continuous monitoring system is a total solution with data loggers, software, service and IQOQ validation. The system provides a user-friendly interface and accurate data loggers to measure temperature, humidity, differential pressure, CO2 and other parameters. Designed for regulated and critical environments, the system can be customized for enterprise-wide environmental monitoring.

Widely used by world TOP 50 Pharmaceutical Companies


The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System provides:
  • Real-time trend monitoring of temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Alerts sent via PC display, SMS text, local alarms, or email
  • Automated historical and alarm reports are saved to server and sent by email
  • Data loggers network easily -- wired, wireless or PoE
  • Scalable from one to thousands of sensing devices
  • Reliable, redundant recording runs parallel to control systems for simplified validation
  • Optional on-site calibration services ensure accurate temperature and humidity

  • Ideal for monitoring temperature, humidity and more in:
  • GxP Environments & Life Science Applications
  • Calibration Laboratories
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Cleanrooms
  • Military, Aerospace & Defense
  • Data Centers & Equipment Rooms
  • Museums & Archives
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Distribution
  • Chart Recorder Replacement

  • Key Benefits

    Compliant with major regulatory regimes
    The system ensures data integrity with an audit trail, access controls, encryption, and authority levels that fulfill regulatory requirements.
    Compliance is simplified with validatable software, mapping/qualification capabilities, encrypted data and audit trail, optional, protocols and GxP documentation, ICH compliant calibration options.
    Reports on historical temperature and humidity data comply with GxP guidelines and standards, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH etc.

    Industry-best sensors, proven performance
    Choose from a wide selection of transmitters, data loggers and probes. Options include wall, duct, and remote probe mounting capabilities. Temperature measurements range from -196 C to + 1000 C and humidity measurements to 100%RH. Measurements are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes.

    Operates independently, scales easily
    For quick, simple validation, the system operates independently of other control and monitoring systems. Scale up easily from one or two measurement points to thousands. With eight language versions the software is ideal for multi-site use and global monitoring. The system can manage multiple time zones and report in the local time.

    Fully configurable
    With a variety of alarm notification options and reports, the system is fully configurable to meet your needs. Data is logged continuously and autonomously at the point of measurement ensuring that temperature, humidity and other historical data are never lost to power or network downtime. Devices are easy to network via Ethernet, PoE, or Wi-Fi.

    Fully supported
    Service options comprise full life-cycle support, including installation, validation, and calibration -- either on-site, or in our accredited calibration laboratories. Select a support plan that maximizes your systems availability, lifespan, and performance. Support includes 24/7 access to multiple options: eLearning, user guides, online, and phone.

    Designed for usability and compliance
    viewLinc's software interface has been optimized for ease of installation and use. Reporting options include pre-configured reports that are easy to customize and can be delivered automatically or on user-selected schedules. The system makes audits and inspections easy with reliable temperature and humidity data.

    Main Components

    viewLinc Software

    Dataloggers (Click to view)

    Service and Documentations
    We offer comprehensive documents, including IQOQ protocols and a GAMP-based GxP documentation package.

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