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Fixed Digital Differential Pressure Transmitter for Cleanroom

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Portable high accuracy infrared thermometer
The Anritsu Dual Thermo is new type of temperature measuring instrument, which combines a non-contact thermometer with a contact thermometer. It's high accuracy and reliability are always your pref.....
Thermohygrograph Model Mini- (Blue)
A compact and lightweight (approx. 800g) thermohygrograph.
Sato Thermohygrograph Model Mini-a can be used as a desktop or a wall-mount use.(Blue).....
Round chart recorder
The TH series is a uniquely versatile instrument. We have combined Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Monitoring with an 8" chart and large digital display. Alarms and keypad are also standard f.....
Copper instrumentation cable - UL Listed 300V PVC Insulated
TEWire UL Listed 300 Volt PVC Insulated, overall shielded copper instrumentation cable product features:

  • UL Listed Subject 13 PLTC
  • Rated 105C 300 Volt
  • Flame Retardant
  • .....
  • Dual Black Body Calibrator
    EDL dual zone Black Body calibrators are designed to quickly and easily calibrate infrared thermometers with a low and high calibration point. DBB calibrators allow you to preset the required tempera.....
    Precision Hair Thermohygrometer
    Sato Precision Hair Thermohygrometer uses human hair sensor to ensure accurate and reliable humidity reading......
    Digital thermo-hygrograph with memory card & time print
    Sekonic ST-50M is microprocessor based thermohygrograph. Apart from measuring and recording temperature and relative humidity, it also has large LCD display and alarm output. Remote applicatio.....
    OPetrol PD Flowmeter for Oil (6" and above)
    OPetrol PD flowmeters are typical volumetric instruments which directly measure the quantity of flowing liquid by means of a couple of rotors. These
    instruments, totally manufactured in Italy since.....
    Magnetic Flow Sensor for with display
    Flow-rate Integrating
    Flow Volume Flowmeter

    Model NW (Local display type)
    Model NW-P (With pulse output)

    Soldering Iron Thermometer
    The HS-30K measures temperatures only, while the HS-50K can measure temperature, resistance between soldering iron tip and ground, and leakage voltage. HS Series thermometers designed for exclusive us.....
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    Dynasonics Ryutai RCM flowmeter Hedland Flowmeter Flomec