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Precise Mass Flowmeter

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Copper instrumentation cable - UL Listed 300V PVC Insulated
TEWire UL Listed 300 Volt PVC Insulated, overall shielded copper instrumentation cable product features:

  • UL Listed Subject 13 PLTC
  • Rated 105C 300 Volt
  • Flame Retardant
  • .....
  • Thermocouple wire - PFA Insulated
    TEWire PFA insulated thermocouple wire product features
  • Continuous use up to 500F (260C)
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Flame Retardant
  • Passes I.....
  • Multipoints recorder
    Ohkura RM series is a multichannel low price, shortest housing, reliable hybrid recorder. It can measure up to 6 channels, with operation key for easy operation and 18mm height LED display......
    Ultrasonic Level Meter
    DSP Accurate measurement
    Graphic display in compact body

    Compact one unit includes sensor and control circuit: Housing material is chemical-rissitant resin, PP.

    Rich information disp.....
    Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter for Compressed Air
    The Vaisala Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitter DPT146 for Compressed Air makes monitoring compressed air simple and convenient. The DPT146 measures both dew point and process pressure simultaneously, a.....
    Surface probe
    Anritsu Model-N series are the ultimate sensor for the surface temperature measurement. They are the best suitable for any applications based on philosophy of "Simple is the best" and suit to any o.....
    Fixed infrared temperature monitoring system
    The Optris CT Series fixed infrared temperature transmitter features:
  • one of the smallest infrared sensors worldwide with 20:1 optical resolution
  • rugged and usable up to 180ºC ambient t.....
  • Pressure Transmitter
    The Huba pressure transmitter of type series 507 with its proven ceramic technology, features calibrated and amplified sensor signals which are available as standardised voltage or current outputs. Va.....
    Field Verification Device for High Accuracy Magnetic Flowmeter
    The Badger Field Verification Device is a portable test device for the Badget Meter M-Series of electromagnetic flowmeters.

    With the Field Verification Device, accurate verification of meter f.....
    Round chart recorder
    The TH series is a uniquely versatile instrument. We have combined Temperature, Humidity, and Dew Point Monitoring with an 8" chart and large digital display. Alarms and keypad are also standard f.....
    Vaisala Anritsu Tokico Sato Sekonic Dickson Isuzu Kobayashi
    Dynasonics Ryutai RCM flowmeter Hedland Flowmeter Flomec