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RTD Platinum thermometer

Wahl invented the portable Platinum-RTD Thermometer (Pat. No. 4,050,309) to provide exceptional accuracy and conformity in laboratory and industrial applications. The 392HP Meter/Probe System represents the ultimate in Heat-Prober System Performance.

Thousands of 392HP Heat-Probers are used by vary industries, making critical temperature measurements as well as calibrating sensors and other instruments. Use the 392HP system to calibrate installed sensors, to make quality assurance tests and to make highly accurate process temperature measurements. An internal feedback loop maintains system calibration during use. And you can order additional HP probes at any time without calibration.

The 392HP features
  • special noise rejection program for use near high EMF machines.
  • Exceptional Accuracy and Long-Term Stability
  • Versatile Meter System with Interchangeable Probes
  • Meter accuracy ±0.1ºF at 0ºC
  • System accuracy ±0.25% of reading (392HP Meter & 202HP Immersion Probe)
  • Complete tracing of the platinum standard DIN 43760 to 0.1ºF conformity over the entire temperature range
  • Readings updated 2.5 times per second
  • Bright 0.33" high-visibility LED display
  • Maxi-Temp® holds peak temperature reading
  • Tough, drop tested meter assembly
  • Interchangeable, 4-wire snap-in connection HP Series probes
  • Automatic compensation for probe calibration of temperature at ice point and alpha
  • NIST traceable conforming to ITS-90

  • Technical Specs

    Model 392HP
    Measurement Range -180 to 788ºC
    Sensor RTD Platinum
    Accuracy at 20ºC ±0.1ºF ±1 digit at ice point, ±0.25% reading thereafter
    Digital display Bright 0.33 LED
    FM approved Class I & II Div1, Groups: D,F & G
    Noise rejection Greater than 40dB at 60Hz increasing at 20dB per decade
    Spurious noi eattenuated by internal 16Hz filter
    392HP includes special noise rejection program for use in prsence of rampant EMF such as spark ignition engines

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