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Metal Tube Type flow transmitter

Ryutai Kogyo MCF can be linked with a remote indicator, integrator and recorder A reliable electronic transmitter housed in the aluminum indicator case provides current signals (DC, analog) proportional to measured flow rates for remote instruments. MCF series are now used in the computer-controlled flow system. Output signals are analog DC current of high linearity and agree with any inputs of remote instruments. Well suited design on applications The body that measures fluid flow has been designed with consideration having been given to many factors such as flow direction, flow rate, pressure, temperature, presence or absence of slurries and accessories required. The Precisely manufactured transmitter which is enclosed in the indicator case provides reliable output signals.

Technical Specs

Model E-MCF
Measurement Range Air/Steam: from 3 to 3000 m³/hr (ntp)
Liquid: from 0.1 to 200 m³/hr
Units are customizable
Connection Sizes 1/2 to 6"
Connection rating JIS 10K RF flange, other options available
Accuracy Within ±1.5% of full scale
Max working temperature Resin: 60ºC, Metal: 200ºC
Max working pressure 65 bar
Material SUS304 standard, optional Titanium, tantalum and others
Mount position Bottom to Top
  • Microswitch
  • Photo sensor
  • Alarm
  • Analog / electric output
  • cooling fin / jacket
  • Intrinsically safe version

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