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Flat leaf probe

Anritsu ST probes are designed to measure small surface area. Its sleek and thin design enables you to measure temperature even in tiny areas!

Technical Specs

Model ST series
Accuracy Open
All coating
±1.2°C(at 100°C)
±1.4°C(at 100°C)
Response time Open
All coating
Durability Special application
(can not evaluate)
Max.Temp. Low temp.
High temp.
Product selection guide
How to order
1.Sharp or Flat -1 Sharp
-2 Flat
2.Coating type 1 Open 210°C
2 All coating 210°C
3 Open 400°C
4 All coating 400°C
3.Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
4.Tape length 003 30mm
005 50mm
008 80mm
010 100mm
--- ----------
050 500mm
--- ----------
200 2000mm
5.Cable type -TS For ST-*1,ST-*2
-GW For ST-*3,ST-*4
5.Cable length 1 1m
1.5 1.5m
2 2m
2.5 2.5m
-- ------------
6.plug -ANP P plug
-W Without plug
1.Sharp or flat
You can choice Sharp and flat as below.
Sharp and flat
2.Coating type
You can choice Coating typee as below.
Teflon coating
Polyimide coating
2.Tape length
You can choice Tape length as below.
003: 30mm
005: 50mm
008: 80mm
010: 100mm
015: 150mm
020: 200mm
025: 250mm
030: 300mm
035: 350mm
040: 400mm
045: 450mm
050: 500mm
060: 600mm
070: 700mm
080: 800mm
090: 900mm
100: 1000mm
150: 1500mm
200: 2000mm

Available models:

ST-11K-003~015 ST-12K-003~015
ST-11K-020~050 ST-12K-020~050
ST-11K-060~100 ST-12K-060~100
ST-11K-150 ST-12K-150
ST-11K-200 ST-12K-200
ST-13K-003~015 ST-14K-003~015
ST-13K-020~050 ST-14K-020~050
ST-13K-060~100 ST-14K-060~100
ST-13K-150 ST-14K-150
ST-13K-200 ST-14K-200
ST-21K-003~015 ST-22K-003~015
ST-21K-020~050 ST-22K-020~050
ST-21K-060~100 ST-22K-060~100
ST-21K-150 ST-22K-150
ST-21K-200 ST-22K-200
ST-23K-003~015 ST-24K-003~015
ST-23K-020~050 ST-24K-020~050
ST-23K-060~100 ST-24K-060~100
ST-23K-150 ST-24K-150
ST-23K-200 ST-24K-200

Data sheet


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