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Surface probe for moving surface

At first glance Anritsu U series probe looks simple, but it has many hidden new mechanisms. Frictional heat have a serious adverse effect during measurement of the temperature of the moving surface. The contact-pressure control plate is one of our own techniques to reduce measurement error in such a case. We use a non-fixed support structure to cope with contact friction at the heat-sensing part. Keeping the support in a non-fixed state helps reduce the stress applied to the part, thereby improving durability

Technical Specs

Accuracy ±1.5°C (at 100°C surface)
Response time 2.0s (U-1**),3.5s (U-2**)
Durability more than 1000 hours
(at 200°C metallic surface)
Speed limit U-1** (400m/min)
U-2** (600m/min)
Product selection guide
How to order
1.Head Size -1 25×32mm (Guard) / 37×36 (Wheel)
-2 29×60mm (Guard) / 40×66mm (Wheel)
2.Gurd Material 1 Teflon guard 250°C
2 Bearing wheel 200°C
3 Teflon wheel 250°C
3.Pipe Angle 1 Straight
2 45 degree
3 90 degree
4 90 degree(elbow)
5 45 degree*
6 90 degree*
7 90 degree(elbow)*
8 Direct
9 Direct*
4.Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
5.Pipe length -00 30mm
-01 100mm
-02 200mm
-03 300mm
-- --------
-15 1500mm
6.Guard * See table
7.Grip type -0 No Grip
-1 Standard Grip
8.Cable type / Cable length -TC1 1m
-TC2 2m
9.plug -ANP P plug
-W Without plug
1.Head Size and 2.Head type
You can choice head size and head type as below.
Head size and type
3.Pipe Angle
You can choice pipe angle as below.
Pipe Angle
5.Pipe length
Pipe length means each L.
Pipe length
7.No Grip probe
No Grip probe is for device system, automachines, mechanical system etc.
No grip type

Available models:

For flat surface D0
U-100 series U-200 series
U-111K-00-D0-1 U-211K-00-D0-1
U-111K-01-D0-1 U-211K-01-D0-1
U-111K-02-D0-1 U-211K-02-D0-1
U-111K-03-D0-1 U-211K-03-D0-1
U-111K-04-D0-1 U-211K-04-D0-1
U-111K-05-D0-1 U-211K-05-D0-1
U-112K-01-D0-1 U-212K-01-D0-1
U-112K-02-D0-1 U-212K-02-D0-1
U-112K-03-D0-1 U-212K-03-D0-1
U-112K-04-D0-1 U-212K-04-D0-1
U-112K-05-D0-1 U-212K-05-D0-1
U-113K-01-D0-1 U-213K-01-D0-1
U-113K-02-D0-1 U-213K-02-D0-1
U-113K-03-D0-1 U-213K-03-D0-1
U-113K-04-D0-1 U-213K-04-D0-1
U-113K-05-D0-1 U-213K-05-D0-1
U-114K-00-D0-1 U-214K-00-D0-1
U-114K-01-D0-1 U-214K-01-D0-1
U-114K-02-D0-1 U-214K-02-D0-1
U-114K-03-D0-1 U-214K-03-D0-1
U-114K-04-D0-1 U-214K-04-D0-1
U-114K-05-D0-1 U-214K-05-D0-1
U-115K-01-D0-1 U-215K-01-D0-1
U-115K-02-D0-1 U-215K-02-D0-1
U-115K-03-D0-1 U-215K-03-D0-1
U-115K-04-D0-1 U-215K-04-D0-1
U-115K-05-D0-1 U-215K-05-D0-1
U-116K-01-D0-1 U-216K-01-D0-1
U-116K-02-D0-1 U-216K-02-D0-1
U-116K-03-D0-1 U-216K-03-D0-1
U-116K-04-D0-1 U-216K-04-D0-1
U-116K-05-D0-1 U-216K-05-D0-1
U-117K-00-D0-1 U-217K-00-D0-1
U-117K-01-D0-1 U-217K-01-D0-1
U-117K-02-D0-1 U-217K-02-D0-1
U-117K-03-D0-1 U-217K-03-D0-1
U-117K-04-D0-1 U-217K-04-D0-1
U-117K-05-D0-1 U-217K-05-D0-1
U-118K-00-D0-1 U-218K-00-D0-1
U-118K-01-D0-1 U-218K-01-D0-1
U-118K-02-D0-1 U-218K-02-D0-1
U-118K-03-D0-1 U-218K-03-D0-1
U-118K-04-D0-1 U-218K-04-D0-1
U-118K-05-D0-1 U-218K-05-D0-1
U-119K-00-D0-1 U-219K-00-D0-1
U-119K-01-D0-1 U-219K-01-D0-1
U-119K-02-D0-1 U-219K-02-D0-1
U-119K-03-D0-1 U-219K-03-D0-1
U-119K-04-D0-1 U-219K-04-D0-1
U-119K-05-D0-1 U-219K-05-D0-1

For curved surface D1 to D4
U-100 series U-200 series
U-111K-00-D*-1 U-211K-00-D*-1
U-111K-01-D*-1 U-211K-01-D*-1
U-111K-02-D*-1 U-211K-02-D*-1
U-111K-03-D*-1 U-211K-03-D*-1
U-111K-04-D*-1 U-211K-04-D*-1
U-111K-05-D*-1 U-211K-05-D*-1
U-112K-01-D*-1 U-212K-01-D*-1
U-112K-02-D*-1 U-212K-02-D*-1
U-112K-03-D*-1 U-212K-03-D*-1
U-112K-04-D*-1 U-212K-04-D*-1
U-112K-05-D*-1 U-212K-05-D*-1
U-113K-01-D*-1 U-213K-01-D*-1
U-113K-02-D*-1 U-213K-02-D*-1
U-113K-03-D*-1 U-213K-03-D*-1
U-113K-04-D*-1 U-213K-04-D*-1
U-113K-05-D*-1 U-213K-05-D*-1
U-114K-00-D*-1 U-214K-00-D*-1
U-114K-01-D*-1 U-214K-01-D*-1
U-114K-02-D*-1 U-214K-02-D*-1
U-114K-03-D*-1 U-214K-03-D*-1
U-114K-04-D*-1 U-214K-04-D*-1
U-114K-05-D*-1 U-214K-05-D*-1
U-115K-01-D*-1 U-215K-01-D*-1
U-115K-02-D*-1 U-215K-02-D*-1
U-115K-03-D*-1 U-215K-03-D*-1
U-115K-04-D*-1 U-215K-04-D*-1
U-115K-05-D*-1 U-215K-05-D*-1
U-116K-01-D*-1 U-216K-01-D*-1
U-116K-02-D*-1 U-216K-02-D*-1
U-116K-03-D*-1 U-216K-03-D*-1
U-116K-04-D*-1 U-216K-04-D*-1
U-116K-05-D*-1 U-216K-05-D*-1
U-117K-00-D*-1 U-217K-00-D*-1
U-117K-01-D*-1 U-217K-01-D*-1
U-117K-02-D*-1 U-217K-02-D*-1
U-117K-03-D*-1 U-217K-03-D*-1
U-117K-04-D*-1 U-217K-04-D*-1
U-117K-05-D*-1 U-217K-05-D*-1
U-118K-00-D*-1 U-218K-00-D*-1
U-118K-01-D*-1 U-218K-01-D*-1
U-118K-02-D*-1 U-218K-02-D*-1
U-118K-03-D*-1 U-218K-03-D*-1
U-118K-04-D*-1 U-218K-04-D*-1
U-118K-05-D*-1 U-218K-05-D*-1
U-119K-00-D*-1 U-219K-00-D*-1
U-119K-01-D*-1 U-219K-01-D*-1
U-119K-02-D*-1 U-219K-02-D*-1
U-119K-03-D*-1 U-219K-03-D*-1
U-119K-04-D*-1 U-219K-04-D*-1
U-119K-05-D*-1 U-219K-05-D*-1

For flat surface D0 only
U-100 series U-200 series
U-121K-00-D0-1 U-221K-00-D0-1
U-121K-01-D0-1 U-221K-01-D0-1
U-121K-02-D0-1 U-221K-02-D0-1
U-121K-03-D0-1 U-221K-03-D0-1
U-121K-04-D0-1 U-221K-04-D0-1
U-121K-05-D0-1 U-221K-05-D0-1
U-122K-01-D0-1 U-222K-01-D0-1
U-122K-02-D0-1 U-222K-02-D0-1
U-122K-03-D0-1 U-222K-03-D0-1
U-122K-04-D0-1 U-222K-04-D0-1
U-122K-05-D0-1 U-222K-05-D0-1
U-123K-01-D0-1 U-223K-01-D0-1
U-123K-02-D0-1 U-223K-02-D0-1
U-123K-03-D0-1 U-223K-03-D0-1
U-123K-04-D0-1 U-223K-04-D0-1
U-123K-05-D0-1 U-223K-05-D0-1
U-124K-00-D0-1 U-224K-00-D0-1
U-124K-01-D0-1 U-224K-01-D0-1
U-124K-02-D0-1 U-224K-02-D0-1
U-124K-03-D0-1 U-224K-03-D0-1
U-124K-04-D0-1 U-224K-04-D0-1
U-124K-05-D0-1 U-224K-05-D0-1
U-125K-01-D0-1 U-225K-01-D0-1
U-125K-02-D0-1 U-225K-02-D0-1
U-125K-03-D0-1 U-225K-03-D0-1
U-125K-04-D0-1 U-225K-04-D0-1
U-125K-05-D0-1 U-225K-05-D0-1
U-126K-01-D0-1 U-226K-01-D0-1
U-126K-02-D0-1 U-226K-02-D0-1
U-126K-03-D0-1 U-226K-03-D0-1
U-126K-04-D0-1 U-226K-04-D0-1
U-126K-05-D0-1 U-226K-05-D0-1
U-127K-00-D0-1 U-227K-00-D0-1
U-127K-01-D0-1 U-227K-01-D0-1
U-127K-02-D0-1 U-227K-02-D0-1
U-127K-03-D0-1 U-227K-03-D0-1
U-127K-04-D0-1 U-227K-04-D0-1
U-127K-05-D0-1 U-227K-05-D0-1

For flat surface D0 only
U-100 series U-200 series
U-131K-00-D0-1 U-231K-00-D0-1
U-131K-01-D0-1 U-231K-01-D0-1
U-131K-02-D0-1 U-231K-02-D0-1
U-131K-03-D0-1 U-231K-03-D0-1
U-131K-04-D0-1 U-231K-04-D0-1
U-131K-05-D0-1 U-231K-05-D0-1
U-132K-01-D0-1 U-232K-01-D0-1
U-132K-02-D0-1 U-232K-02-D0-1
U-132K-03-D0-1 U-232K-03-D0-1
U-132K-04-D0-1 U-232K-04-D0-1
U-132K-05-D0-1 U-232K-05-D0-1
U-133K-01-D0-1 U-233K-01-D0-1
U-133K-02-D0-1 U-233K-02-D0-1
U-133K-03-D0-1 U-233K-03-D0-1
U-133K-04-D0-1 U-233K-04-D0-1
U-133K-05-D0-1 U-233K-05-D0-1
U-134K-00-D0-1 U-234K-00-D0-1
U-134K-01-D0-1 U-234K-01-D0-1
U-134K-02-D0-1 U-234K-02-D0-1
U-134K-03-D0-1 U-234K-03-D0-1
U-134K-04-D0-1 U-234K-04-D0-1
U-134K-05-D0-1 U-234K-05-D0-1
U-135K-01-D0-1 U-235K-01-D0-1
U-135K-02-D0-1 U-235K-02-D0-1
U-135K-03-D0-1 U-235K-03-D0-1
U-135K-04-D0-1 U-235K-04-D0-1
U-135K-05-D0-1 U-235K-05-D0-1
U-136K-01-D0-1 U-236K-01-D0-1
U-136K-02-D0-1 U-236K-02-D0-1
U-136K-03-D0-1 U-236K-03-D0-1
U-136K-04-D0-1 U-236K-04-D0-1
U-136K-05-D0-1 U-236K-05-D0-1
U-137K-00-D0-1 U-237K-00-D0-1
U-137K-01-D0-1 U-237K-01-D0-1
U-137K-02-D0-1 U-237K-02-D0-1
U-137K-03-D0-1 U-237K-03-D0-1
U-137K-04-D0-1 U-237K-04-D0-1
U-137K-05-D0-1 U-237K-05-D0-1

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