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Portable CO2 meter

The Vaisala CARBOCAP Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter GM70 is a user-friendly meter for demanding spot measurements in laboratories, greenhouses and mushroom farms. The meter can also be used in HVAC applications, industrial health investigations and as a tool for checking fixed CO2 instruments. Features:
  • Vaisala CARBOCAP technology
  • Two sampling methods
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Two inputs provide flexibility

  • Technical Specs

    Model GM70
    Measurement Range High concentrations short probe (GMP221)
    High concentrations long probe (GMP222)
    0...2,000ppm CO2
    0...3,000ppm CO2
    0...5,000ppm CO2
    0...7,000ppm CO2
    0...10,000ppm CO2
    Sensor Vaisala CARBOCAP
    Error at 25ºC against certified factory references
    GMP221 <±[0.02% CO2 +2% of reading]
    GMP222&<±[20ppm CO2 +2% of reading]
    Power supply Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with AC-POWER
    Output 0...1VDC

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