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Analogue wind transmitter

With a proven track records of successful installations, the Vaisala Windset WA15 has earned its reputation in the industry standard in the wind sensor market. The WA15 consists of Vaisala Anemometer WAA151, a Vaisala Wind Vane WAV151, an optional crossarm, a power supply and cabling.

Its main attractions are:
  • Anemometer with excellent linearity
  • Sensitive wind vane
  • Heated bearings withstand cold weather
  • Complete bearings available

  • Technical Specs

    Model WAA151
    Measurement Range 0.4...75m/s
    Accuracy (Within range 0.4...60m/s) with characteristic transfer function, ±0.17m/s**
    with transfer function U = 0.1xR, ±0.5m/s
    Power supply Operating: Uin9.5...15.5VDC, 20mA typical
    Heating: AC/DC 20V, 500 mA nominal

    Model WAV151
    Measurement Range at windspeed 0.4...75m/s 0...360º
    Accuracy Better than ±3º
    Power supply Operating: Uin9.5...15.5VDC, 20mA typical
    Heating: AC/DC 20V, 500 mA nominal

    Model WAT12
    Signal input from sensors Wind direction: 6-bit parallel GRAY code (optionally 7 bits)
    Wind speed: pulse frequency 0...750Hz
    Output Accuracy:
    better than 1% of full scale
    Loop current options (jumper selectable):
    0...5mA; 1...5mA
    0...10mA; 2...10mA
    0...20mA; 4...20mA

    Max loop resistance:
    1800ohm for 5mA loop
    900ohm for 10mA loop
    450ohm for 20mA loop
    (incl. cable resistance + receiver's input resistance)

    Full scale options (jumper selectable):
    For direction: 0...360º/0...540º
    For speed: 0...51.2m/s / 0...76.8m/s

    Signal cable:
    4 wires minimum (Win+, Win-, DOP, SOP)
    Power supply Input operating power: 12...28 VDC, 30mA
    Output sensor power: On-board regulated to 10.7 VDC typically

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