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Rugged pocket pyrometer

EDL Pocket-Probe Digital instruments are completely shielded and have an optional grounding feature that gives them superior EMI noise immunity that is not found in any other Digital instrument.

Technical Specs

Model Pocket-Probe
Display LCD with electro luminescent backlighting
Input connector Miniature connector
Input type Thermocouple Input: Type K, J, E, T, N and S
Input Range From -280ºF to +2000ºF and -100ºC to +1700ºC
Accuracy As close as 0.5ºC
Cold junction Fully automatic cold end compensation from +40°F to &+120deg;F
Operation Temperature 0 to 50°C, 0 to 80%RH non condensing
Power supply Alkali Batteries or AC-Adaptor
  • Tempered Scratch resistant glass
  • Rugged steel case with cover
  • Self test diagnostics

  • Data sheet


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