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Portable Oil Moisture meter

The Vaisala HUMICAP Hand-held Moisture Meter for Oil MM70 enables reliable detection of moisture in oil. Among its main attraction are:
  • In-line process checking through valve.
  • Water activity measurement.
  • PPM calculation included.
  • Numerical and graphical display.
  • Connection to PC.
  • Proven Vaisala HUMICAP technology.
  • Speedy service - once per year.
  • Multi-probe operation

  • Technical Specs

    Model MM70
    Measurement Range 0....1Aw
    Sensor Temperature: Pt 100 IEC 751 1/3 class B
    Water : Vaisala HUMICAP
    Accuracy (including nonlinearity, hysterisis and repeatability) When calibrated against salt solutions (ASTM E104-85)
    0...0.9 ±0.02
    0.9-1.0 ±0.03
    Maximum achievable accuracy when calibrated against high-quality. certified humidity standards
    0...0.9, ±0.01 0.9...1.0, ±0.02
    Power supply Power suply Rechargeable NiMH batter pack with AC-POWER or 4xAA-size alkalines, type IEC LR6
    Output 0...1VDC, connect to PC (optional)
    Mechanics Probe:
    Housing classification : IP65(NEMA4)
    Housing Material: ABS/PC Blend
    Probe Material : Stainless steel (Ais1316L) Cable length between probe and indicator: 1.9m
    10m extension available Weight: 506g

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