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Bendable Wire Probes

Anritsu Model SHEATH series probes are internal temperature sensors designed to measure the temperature of liquids, air, and gases. The sheathed section can be bent to a radius five times the outer diameter of the sheath. Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.

Technical Specs

Outside diameter (mm) 0.25 0.5 1.0 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 8.0
Type : K
SUS316(M1) - - 650 650 750 800 800 900
SUS310S(M2) - - 650 650 750 800 800 900
Inconel(M3) 500 500 650 650 750 900 1000 1050
Type : E
SUS316(M1) - - 650 650 750 800 800 800
Response time (sec.) 0.4 0.9 2 3 5 10 15 20
Standard resistance
(Ω / m)
Type : K 570 124 32 13 4 2.2 1.0 0.7
Type : E - - 38 15 5 2.6 1.2 0.9
Max. Length (m) J1,J3 5 10 50 50 50 50 30 20
J2 2 2 2 5 15 30 30 20
Accuracy Type : K -40 to 333°C : ±2.5°C, 333 to 1200°C : ±(measuring×0.75%)°C
Type : E -40 to 333°C : ±2.5°C, 333 to 900°C : ±(measuring×0.75%)°C
Avoid immersing these probes in molten aluminum. Doing so may result in corrosion of the sheathed sensor.

1 Form A Grip type
B Sleeve type
C Terminal box type
2 Diameter 0.25 φ0.25mm
0.5 φ0.5mm
1.0 φ1.0mm
3.2 φ3.2mm
4.8 φ4.8mm
6.4 φ6.4mm
8.0 φ8.0mm
3 Thermocouple Type K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
4 Junction J1 Grounded junction
J2 Ungrounded junction
J3 Exposed junction
5 Material M1 SUS 316
M2 SUS 310S (Only type K)
M3 Inconel (Only type K)
6 Sheath Length L100 100mm
L200 200mm
--- --------mm
7 Cable Type TC
8 Cable Length 1 1000mm
1.5 1500mm
2 2000mm
-- -------mm
9 Plug ANP P plug
ASP S plug
W Without plug
1) Form

You can choose Form as below.

4) Junction

Supplementary information

The sheath tube can be coated with Teflon.

A Teflon coating will improve resistance against chemicals and enable the use of the probe for measuring the temperatures of acids alkalis, food. etc.

Applicable sheath diameter : φ1.0, φ1.6, φ3.2
Maximum length : 1m
Operating temperature limit : 200°C
Minimum bending radius : Approx. 10mm

Available models:

A1.0-K-J1-M1-L100 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L100
A1.0-K-J1-M1-L200 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L200
A1.0-K-J1-M1-L300 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L300
A1.0-K-J1-M1-L400 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L400
A1.0-K-J1-M1-L500 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L500
A1.0-K-J1-M1-L1000 A1.0-K-J2-M1-L1000
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L100 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L100
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L200 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L200
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L300 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L300
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L400 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L400
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L500 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L500
A1.6-K-J1-M1-L1000 A1.6-K-J2-M1-L1000
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L100 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L100
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L200 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L200
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L300 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L300
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L400 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L400
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L500 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L500
A3.2-K-J1-M1-L1000 A3.2-K-J2-M1-L1000
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L100 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L100
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L200 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L200
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L300 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L300
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L400 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L400
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L500 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L500
A4.8-K-J1-M1-L1000 A4.8-K-J2-M1-L1000
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L100 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L100
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L200 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L200
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L300 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L300
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L400 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L400
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L500 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L500
A6.4-K-J1-M1-L1000 A6.4-K-J2-M1-L1000
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L100 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L100
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L200 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L200
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L300 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L300
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L400 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L400
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L500 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L500
A8.0-K-J1-M1-L1000 A8.0-K-J2-M1-L1000
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L100 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L100
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L200 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L200
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L300 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L300
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L400 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L400
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L500 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L500
A1.0-K-J1-M2-L1000 A1.0-K-J2-M2-L1000
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L100 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L100
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L200 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L200
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L300 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L300
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L400 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L400
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L500 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L500
A1.6-K-J1-M2-L1000 A1.6-K-J2-M2-L1000
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L100 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L100
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L200 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L200
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L300 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L300
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L400 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L400
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L500 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L500
A3.2-K-J1-M2-L1000 A3.2-K-J2-M2-L1000
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L100 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L100
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L200 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L200
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L300 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L300
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L400 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L400
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L500 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L500
A4.8-K-J1-M2-L1000 A4.8-K-J2-M2-L1000
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L100 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L100
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L200 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L200
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L300 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L300
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L400 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L400
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L500 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L500
A6.4-K-J1-M2-L1000 A6.4-K-J2-M2-L1000
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L100 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L100
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L200 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L200
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L300 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L300
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L400 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L400
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L500 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L500
A8.0-K-J1-M2-L1000 A8.0-K-J2-M2-L1000
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L100 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L100
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L200 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L200
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L300 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L300
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L400 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L400
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L500 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L500
A1.0-K-J1-M3-L1000 A1.0-K-J2-M3-L1000
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L100 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L100
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L200 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L200
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L300 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L300
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L400 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L400
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L500 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L500
A1.6-K-J1-M3-L1000 A1.6-K-J2-M3-L1000
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L100 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L100
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L200 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L200
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L300 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L300
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L400 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L400
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L500 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L500
A3.2-K-J1-M3-L1000 A3.2-K-J2-M3-L1000
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L100 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L100
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L200 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L200
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L300 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L300
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L400 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L400
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L500 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L500
A4.8-K-J1-M3-L1000 A4.8-K-J2-M3-L1000
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L100 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L100
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L200 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L200
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L300 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L300
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L400 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L400
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L500 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L500
A6.4-K-J1-M3-L1000 A6.4-K-J2-M3-L1000
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L100 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L100
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L200 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L200
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L300 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L300
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L400 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L400
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L500 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L500
A8.0-K-J1-M3-L1000 A8.0-K-J2-M3-L1000

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