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Small Head Probes

Anritsu Model SH series probes are ideal for measuring the temperatures of moving or rotating surfaces. The SH series is better suited to small measurement targets than the U series. Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.

Technical Specs

Model SH series
Type Type K, J, E, R
Accuracy ±1.5ºC at 100ºC surface
Response time 5s
Durability rank SH-1*,SH-3*:B ; SH-2*, SH-4*: A

1 Style and Heavy duty 1 Setting type
2 Setting type (Heavy duty)
3 Grip type
2 Grip type (Heavy duty)
2 Guard Form 1 Flat (only SH-1*, SH-3*)
2 φ20mm
3 φ30mm
4 φ40mm
5 φ50mm
6 φ60mm
3 Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
4 Cable Type
TS For SH-1*, SH-2* (Setting type)
TC For SH-3*, SH-4* (Grip type)
5 Cable Length 1 1000mm
1.5 1500mm
2 2000mm
2.5 2500mm
-- -------mm
6 Plug ANP P plug
ASP S plug
W Without plug
1) Style and Heavy duty
You can choose Style and Heavy duty as below.
Setting Type Standard
Heavy Duty
1 :
2 :
Grip Type Standard
Heavy Duty
3 :
4 :
2) Guard Form

You can choose Guard Form φ as below.

Available models:

SH-11K SH-12K SH-13K
SH-14K SH-15K SH-16K
SH-22K SH-23K
SH-24K SH-25K SH-26K
SH-31K SH-32K SH-34K
SH-34K SH-35K SH-36K
SH-42K SH-43K
SH-44K SH-45K SH-46K

Data sheet


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