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Fixed infrared thermometer for Glass

CTGlass is a non-contact glass temperature measurement with precise aiming from 100 C to 1650 C.

Technical Specs

Model CTGlass
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range 100-1200 C (G5L); 250-1650 C (G5H)
Accuracy +-1% or +-1 C
Power supply 8-36 VDC
Output 0/4-20mA, 0-5/10V, RS232, RS485, Ethernet
Accessories CompactConnect Software
  • - Accurate glass temperature measurements on flat glass lines, container glass machines, bulb manufacturing, car glass finishing and the production of solar panels in the range of 100C up to 1650C
  • - Double laser aiming marks real spot location and spot size up from 1 mm at any distance
  • - Usable in all modern applications where size of spot matters
  • - Optics 70:1 with selectable focus, compact sensor head size
  • - Usable up to 85C ambient temperature without cooling and automatic laser switch off at 50C
  • - Cooling and protection

  • Data sheet


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