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Portable Infrared thermometer with crosshair laser

The infrared thermometer optris LS supports the professional noncontact temperature measurement of objects as small as 1 mm in a temperature range between -35C and +900C. This thermometer can be used in characteristic applications like preventive maintenance, quality management, research and development and electronic design. The precision of the crosshair laser sighting indicates th pot size at any distance with absolute accuracy. The high quality optical performance is the distinguishing feature of the LaserSight.

Technical Specs

Model LaserSight
Fixed / Portable Portable
Measurement Range -35 to +900C
Accuracy 0.75C or 0.75% of reading
Output USB
Accessories USB cable and software, T/C Type K insertion probe, carrying case, padded pouch, wrist strap, bateries
Remarks Optics:
-16 mm @ 1200 mm
-switchable to focus:
-1 mm@62 mm
-Minimum spot size 1 mm

standard focus: patented crosshair laser (crosshair size = IR spot size@any distance)

close focus: two point laser (laser dot size = IR spot size@focus distance)

Data sheet


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