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Electronic Tire Gauge

Calibrating car tires become a simple, fast and easy procedure. Simply pre-set the desired pressure using the plus or minus buttons and connect the clip on hose chuck to the tire stem. Tire will automatically inflate or deflate to desired pressure.

When pressure is complete, a BEEP will sound, indicating that the tire is dine. Simply remove hose tip, and begin next tire.

-Clip on chuck hands free
-Inflates accurately in a single procedure. No need to keep rechecking tire pressure with manual gauge
-Compressor works "on demand". Reduces energy cost and extends life of compressor.

Technical Specs

Model SC
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range Nominal tire pressure
Remarks Features:
-Aluminum front plate
-Visual feedback
-Universal icons for instructions
-1" LCD for better reading
-Weather proof and wear resistant
-Modern design
-Corporate logos and colors available
-Easy to install
-Accurate, reliable, quick and easy to use
-Meet IP54, CE, UL, CSA, PTB, IEC standards

-Proper inflation results in better gas mileage, reduced tire wear and increased safety.
-Controls output pressure for safer tire inflation
-No air leaks when hose is cut
-Defaults to safe pressure after use
-Self diagnostic routines

Data sheet


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