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Flat Panel LCD Datalogger

Dickson’s new Flat Panel LCD Recorder lets you view detailed temperature (FT300/325) or temperature and humidity (FH320/325) data on its large screen and allows for optional PC downloads. Its large 4.5” x 3.4” display shows you current temperature and humidity readings and displays a graph of data ranging from 1 hour to 32 days. No paper charts or running back to your PC to see data, this recorder shows you everything at the push of a button.

Ideal for:
• Checking building automation systems
• Tracking Critical Processes
• Monitoring Walk-in Freezers, Coolers and Storage Rooms.
• Monitoring Clean Rooms & Isolation Rooms

Technical Specs

Model FH520, FH525, FH535 (replacement for FH320, FH325)
Fixed / Portable Portable
Measurement Range -6 to 50°C
Accuracy ±1°C

Data sheet


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