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Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Dynasonics Fusion hybrid flow meter utilizes both Doppler and transit time ultrasonic sound technologies. This dual technology allows the Fusion to accurately measure the volumetric flow of clean, solids-bearing or gaseous
liquids on full, closed-pipe, systems. It automatically switches and selects the
best technology to calculate accurate flow rate and total flow. The “flow-
through” stainless steel sensor withstands adverse flow conditions without
clogging, damaging, or effect on accuracy. Fusion meters are fully calibrated
and sensors are pre-installed on a spool piece for easy and quick installation. A
simple keypad interface permits measurement unit selection and adjustment of
output span.

Technical Specs

Model Fusion
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Tolerance Maximum temperature: -34 to +70 °C
Maximum pressure: 300 PSI (2,070 kPa)
Measurement Range 1/2
Connection NPT
Accuracy 1% of Rate over the top 10:1 measuring range, single-phase liquids
Output 4-20mA, RS485, Pulse
Remarks Features:
-Automatically switches between Doppler and transit time to determine best technology and calculate accurate flow rates
-Rugged, all metal construction ensures a long service life in harsh outdoor environments
-CSA Class I Division 2 Groups C&D compliant
-Utilizes flow-through stainless steel flow sensors

-Quick and easy installation - sensors are calibrated and pre-installed on spool piece
-No moving parts, so product maintenance, repairs, and calibrations are eliminated
-Flow-through stainless steel sensors do not clog or become damaged
-Simultaneous display of flow rate and accumulated total on a large, easy to read LCD display

Data sheet


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