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Dual Pulse Insertion Flow Meter

The Flomec Dual Pulse insertion flow transducer is an innovative design combining well proven technology with the performance enhanced by the use of modern engineering materials to provide a cost effective and reliable means of measuring the flow of a wide variety of low viscosity of liquids.

A durable peek rotor with a graphite-PTFE impregnated peek bearing rotates around a precission ground tungsten carbide rotor shaft to promote longevity.
The body is all 316 stainless steel. The unique metering head & aerofoil shaped
rotor are shaped to extend the linear measuring range to cover flow velocities from 0.3-10m/sec (1-33ft/sec).

Wide Application
Typical industry applications include:
HVAC - Hot & chilled water, Fire system& Thermal energy monitoring.
Municipal- Water distribution, Water management and Water treatment.
Irrigation- Water management.
Water treatment- Chlorination,De-salination & mechanical filtration plants Chemical injection systems.
Refineries- Primary flow additive injection,Fire & cooling systems.
Power generation- Boiler feed water, Steam condensate, Process water & water balancin
Chemical - Process & cooling tower water,Chemical & water batching.
Others- Cement Mfg, Diesel fuel transferring, Flow testing, Fire truck &
Hydrant flow monitoring, Food processing, Pulp/paper, Mining.

Technical Specs

Model DP490
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Tolerance Maximum temperature: 100 deg C (options up to 204 deg C)
Maximum pressure: 80 bar
Measurement Range 0.38 - 6300 litre/sec
Sensor 1-1/2
Accuracy Linearity typically 1.5%, Repeatability 1% with well established flow profile
Output Voltage pulse, square wave, reed switch, Hall effect
Remarks Features
- IP68 (Nema 6)316L stainless steel construction
- Suits pipes 40 to 2500mm NB (1 1⁄2" to 100" nominal bore)
- Low installed cost
- Dual independent pulse outputs each with high noise immunity (CE compliant)
- High pressure submersible design
- Both open collector and a non powered voltage pulse output as standard
- DP525 series suitable for Hot Tap installations

- High temperature to 204 C (400 F)
- Reed switch option for hazardous area operation (intrinsically safe)
- Integral or remote self powered flow rate-totaliser with scaled pulse, analog and flow alarm outputs (see seperate data sheet)
- Integral or remote high speed preset batch controller (see seperate data sheet)
- Non magnetic rotor option for liquids containing ferrous suspensions
- Optional I.S. Coil output or Bi-directional discriminator output
- Integral Data Logger.

Data sheet


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