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Humidity Transmitter

The current loop-powered, two-wire transmitter is called the Vaisala HMT120 and the three-wire transmitter - with voltage and serial line outputs as well as a relay - is called the Vaisala HMT130. The new transmitters utilize the fully interchangeable HMP110 probe.

The transmitters replace with enhanced features the currently very successful HMT100 transmitters. The HMT120 and HMT130 transmitters are especially designed for cleanroom continuous monitoring systems and are very easy to clean. The housing is also durable for continuous exposure of cleanroom cleaning agents and the interchangeable measurement probe is equipped with the latest humidity sensor technology, the HUMICAP 180R.

- HMT120 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
- HMT120 Temperature Transmitter
- HMT130 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
- HMT130 Temperature Transmitter
- HMP110 probes for the HMT120 and HMT130 transmitters (note that the HMP110 compatible with the HMT120/130 is a special version of the probe)

The Main Features and Benefits of the HMT120 and HMT130 Transmitters Are:

- The housing is very easy to clean - important especially in cleanroom environments
- The interchangeable probe (HMP110) enables easy calibration in the installation site, no need to remove the whole transmitter for calibration and virtually no down-time. The interchangeable probe can be also ordered separately.
- An optional display allows the user to check the humidity and temperature values on spot
- Accurate measurement with best long-term stability and high chemical tolerance using HMP110 probe with HUMICAP 180R sensor
- Several installation options - easy to wire either through the backside or through the bottom of the transmitter
- Wall-mounted model with fixed probe and remote probe models with cable lengths up to 50 m available
- Combined RH and T measurement, also RH only or T only versions
- Several humidity quantity outputs
- Variety of installation accessories

HMT120 and HMT130 is replacement of HMT100 series

Technical Specs

Model HMT120,HMT130
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range -40 to 80 deg C, 0-100% rH
Accuracy ±0.2ºC, 1.7%rH
Output 4-20mA, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V
Remarks Accessories:

Humidity and temperature probe HMP110*
Humidity and temperature replacement probe HMP110R*
Constant output probe HMP110REF*
Humidity sensor HUMICAP®180R
Probe mounting fl ange 226061
Probe mounting clamps, 10 pcs 226067
HMP110 sensor protection
plastic grid fi lter DRW010522SP
plastic grid with membrane filter DRW010525
stainless steel sintered filter HM46670SP
Probe cable 3 m HMT120Z300
Probe cable 5 m HMT120Z500
Probe cable 10 m HMT120Z1000
Radiation shield DTR502B
Probe installation kit for DTR502 210623
Rain shield with installation kit 215109
Duct installation kit 215619
HMI41 connection cable 25917ZZ
HM70 connection cable 211339
USB serial interface cable 219685

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