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Waterproof High Accuracy Thermometer

Anritsu HD series are high accuracy handheld thermometers by Anritsu meter. The high accuracy is realized by adopted the thermocouple material from input plug to cold junction It has automatic standard voltage calibration system, hence achieved high accuracy, high response and high stability. This is the right tool if you are looking for precise temperature measurement!

Anritsu (Japan) High Accuracy Thermometer

Stock No: SP-HD*^0K

Temperature range: -200 to +1370 Deg. C.

Available models:
HD-1100E HD-1150E (replacement for HA-100E, HA-150E)
HD-1100K HD-1150K (replacement for HA-100K, HA-150K)
HD-1200E HD-1250E (replacement for HA-200E, HA-250E)
HD-1200K HD-1250K (replacement for HA-200K, HA-250K)
HD-1300E HD-1350E (replacement for HA-300E, HA-350E)
HD-1300K HD-1350K (replacement for HA-300K, HA-350K)
HD-1400E HD-1450E (replacement for HA-400E, HA-450E), with LED display
HD-1400K HD-1450K (replacement for HA-400K, HA-450K), with LED display
HD-1500E HD-1550E (replacement for HA-500E, HA-550E), with memory function
HD-1500K HD-1550K (replacement for HA-500K, HA-550K), with memory function

Technical Specs

Model 1*00
Fixed / Portable Fixed

Data sheet


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