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Flat Head Probes

Anritsu Model TH series probes are temperature probe for stationary surfaces. ldeal for measuring temperatures at the side surfaces of a clearance, it can be customized to suit the purposes of specific client applications by combining various components based on their specifications.

Technical Specs

Type K Model TH-14K-010-1-TC1-ANP
Type E Model TH-14E-010-1-TC1-ANP
Temp. Range Accuracy Response time Durability
-50 to 500°C ±2.5°C * 2.0 s A

Type K Model TH-14K-020-1-TC1-ANP
Type E Model TH-14E-020-1-TC1-ANP
Temp. Range Accuracy Response time Durability
-50 to 500°C ±2.5°C * 2.0 s A

Data sheet


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