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Particle sampler

Dekati Fine Particle Sampler (FPS) is a complete sampling system for particle measurements from all types of combustion or industrial processes. Adjustable dilution ratio, dilution temperature and residence time allow flexible and well defined sampling from i.e. vehicle exhaust or power plant stack conditions to suitable concentrations and temperatures for measurement devices.

Why FPS?
Aerosols produced in combustion and industrial processes generally have a wide range of characteristics. Particle concentration, temperature and relative humidity can change radically even inside a single process. Depending on the aerosol characteristics, particle distributions change through coagulation, condensation and nucleation during sampling. Attaining a representative sample from such processes poses many requirements for the used sampling system. Dilution ratios, temperatures and residence times have to be controlled to achieve a representative result. Fine Particle Sampler (FPS-4000) provides the tools for attaining a reliable result in all conditions. Furthermore, the controllable dilution ratios and temperatures make the FPS-4000 an ideal instrument for nucleation studies.

Well-controlled dilution
Dilution is done in two stages. The first dilution stage is done using perforated tube technology, which has been proven to be an effective tool in aerosol studies. The dilution ratio and dilution temperature of the first dilution stage are adjustable and controlled. Dilution at sample temperature eliminates the effect of volatile and semi-volatile vapours, while cooled dilution maximises the effect of nucleation and condensation. The second dilution stage is an ejector diluter, which acts as the sample pump and returns the sample to ambient temperature. Dilution ratio of the ejector diluter is also controlled and adjustable.

With these characteristics combined to a reasonable price, the FPS-4000 system is an ideal solution for all sampling problems
Dekati Fine Particle Sampler is specified and designed under the supervision and financing of the European Union Particulated DG-Tren project by Dekati Ltd. The project was supported and encouraged by the automotive and fuel refining industries for harmonizing the sampling methods of exhaust gas in fine particle measurements.

Technical Specs

Technical specifications

Material AISI 316
Weight 30 kg
- Outlet
- Inlet
- Pressurised air and water inlets

NW40 flange or flow divider*
NW40 flange, probe diameter 25 mm
instant connector for 10 mm plastic tube
Power consumption Max. 2000 W
Dimensions of the control box W x L x H 560 x 410 x 310 mm
(installable to 19" rack)
*Flow divider offers 1-5 pcs. of 12x1 mm tube

Dilution specifications

Dilution ratios
- Primary diluter
- Secondary diluter

1:3 - 1:20
1:5 - 1:10
1:15 - 1:200
Purified, pressurised air for dilution
- Particle concentration
- RH
- Pressure (absolute)
- Flow rate (at 1.013 bar, 20ºC)

recommended < 10/cc
recommended < 5 %
max. 8 bar, operating pressure 4.5 bar
max. 240 lpm
Flows (at 1.013 bar, 20ºC)
- Sample flow
- Primary dilution air flow
- Secondary dilution air flow
- Diluted sample flow

0 - 10 lpm
1.4 - 40 lpm
50 - 200 lpm
65 - 220 lpm
Pressurised air for probe cooling* 4.5-8 lpm, 600 lpm, moisture free
*Instead of pressurised air, water may be used as the cooling agent.

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