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Humidity & Temperature Transmitter - Wall mounted with display

The Vaisala HMW90 Series has been complemented with four new models: TMW92 and TMW93 temperature transmitters for applications where only temperature measurement is needed and the configurable HMW90 and TMW90 for special scalings. The HMW90 and TMW90 transmitters are available in four color options: standard white, black, grey and ivory.


- Easy installation, configuration,and field adjustment

- Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R Sensor with superior long-term stability

- Humidity parameter options: relative humidity, dew point, and mixing ratio, - enthalpy, wet bulb temperature, dew point

- Full 0 … 100 %RH measurement range
- Up to ±1.7 %RH accuracy

- Special output scaling available

- One relay (voltage output models only)

- UL V0 materials

- User exhangeable humidity and temperature module

- NIST traceable calibration

- Humidity models HMW92, HMW93 and configurable HMW90
- Temperature-only models TMW92, TMW93 and configurable TMW90

Technical Specs

Model HMW90
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range 0-100% rH, -5 to 55 deg C
Accuracy +-1.7% rH, +-0.2 deg C
Output 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V
Remarks TMW92: ​T-only 2-wire, current output
TMW93: T-only 3-wire, voltage output
TMW90: T-only configurable model
HMW92: RH+T 2-wire, current output
HMW92D: RH+T 2-wire, current output with display
HMW93: RH+T 3-wire, voltage output
HMW93D: RH+T 3-wire, voltage output with display
HMW90: RH+T configurable model

Data sheet


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