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Particle Size OnLine Analyser

The Particle Size Online Analyser (POLA) 3000 offers a fast, on-line solution to granular particle size control. The POLA 3000 works directly with existing process control equipment to calculate manufacturing process trends and perform production corrections on-line, replacing or supplementing traditional sieve methods for measuring particles. Advantages include increased product consistency, higher product quality, and an enhanced profit margin for the product. Costly reprocessing is eliminated because the system allows for immediate adjustment to the process.

The POLA 3000 inspects and analyses particle size distributions from 40 ? to larger than 40 mm in diameter, using a charge coupled device camera (CCD) for high-speed image capture. A constant stream of product is positioned in the camera's field of view by a  feeding device. Specialized illumination of the material enables the camera to capture crisp images of the granular product. The images are digitised and sent to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) where the POLA 3000 software analyses the data providing detailed SPC (Statistical Process Control) information for interpretation and analysis of the size distribution of the particles. The POLA 3000 can be easily integrated into a variety of production environments, and is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for manual off-line product analysis.


The POLA 3000 will increase the efficiency of your system, and help deliver a more consistent, better quality product by:

  • Reducing and eliminating costly reprocessing of bad batches.
  • Continuously inspecting and analysing your product in real time.
  • Allowing production of a more uniform product.
  • Providing quality SPC compatible assurance documentation.
  • Integrating with existing production analysis equipment.
  • Providing feedback for PLC (Programmable Logic Control) of process parameters.
  • A built-in CPU and no hard drives ensures that the system can run all day every day even in the harshest of environment.


The POLA 3000 begins analysing and accumulating results as soon as it starts collecting particle images. The system then delivers analytical results from subsequently collected data at intervals selected by the operator providing a permanent record of production process information and analysis procedures. Constant feedback is offered on:

  • Particle count
  • Particle size and area with volume and weight representations
  • Mean, deviation, and variation coefficients of particle size distribution

You can adjust and define the analysis parameters according to your needs including setting the length of the SPC data collection periods to assure statistically valid results for your unique process.


Operating at 24 V the POLA 3000 can be used into a variety of production environments, and is designed to integrate directly with existing process control equipment using industry standard Modbus?nbsp; for monitoring process trends and performing production corrections. The POLA 3000 utilises a 4 - 20 mA loop to control other devices such as a feeder.

Technical Specs

CCD - element  


Pixel Resolution 748 x 512
Image Capture Asynchronous
Scan Time/Image 2 x 20 ms Interlaced Video
Scan Time/Line 64 us
Greyscale levels 256
Shutter Time Software Controlled
Internal Computer  


2 Image Frame Buffers
Real - Time Multitasking Operating System
Image Processing
Image Analysis
TMS 34020 Processor
Input - Output  


Digital Trigger Input
Digital Pause Input 
Digital Outputs
Analog Outputs, 4-20 mA 
Strobe Output (Optocoupler isolated)
RS232 / RS485 / RS422 (D-sub-25)
RS232 / Serial PC mouse (D-sub-9)
VGA Monitor Output
AT Keyboard Output (6-pin) mini DIN


Temperature Range 0 - 45 ºC
Humidity Non-condensing
Input Power 24 VAC or 24 VDC (25W)

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