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Digital Humidity Module

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Digital Humidity Module HMM105 is an open frame module for integration into environmental chambers. The modules provide an I2C output
for relative humidity (RH) or dew point (Td). The module consists of a detachable probe assembly – a probe head with M10x1 threads and a flex cable – and the module circuit board. The probe assembly is 30 cm in length. The module incorporates the Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R sensor which ensures excellent measurement accuracy.

Reliable for OEM’s
The Vaisala HMM105 probe head works in freezing conditions (-40 °C) and also in temperatures up to +180 °C in continuous use. In shorterm use, the probe head can be exposed to temperatures up to +200 °C. The Vaisala HMM105 is intended for OEM chamber manufacturers for integration into test chambers and incubators.

Compared to psychrometers, the Vaisala HMM105 is practically maintenance free. There is no wick that needs changing and there is no need for a water tank or water pump. Thus, environmental stress screening can be done reliably.

I2C interface for better usability
The HMM105 has an I2C interface for communicating with the incubator’s controller. The HMM105 implements I2C slave functionality, with the incubator’s controller acting as the master. The interface can be used to read measurement values and status information, set operation parameters, and make adjustments.

Technical Specs

Model Vaisala HMM105 Digital Humidity Module
Fixed / Portable Fixed
Measurement Range -20 … +100 °C (-4 … +212 °F)T
Remarks ▪ Digital I2C communication interface available
▪ Full temperature compensation over the operating temperature range of -40 °C …+180 °C
▪ High temperature tolerance, suitable for heat sterilization up to +200 °C
▪ Excellent measurement accuracy with Vaisala HUMICAP® 180R sensor
▪ Maintenance-free
▪ Detachable probe assembly for easy installation
▪ Probe head with M10x1 threads
▪ 2-point NIST traceable calibration (certificate included)
▪ Applications: test chambers, incubators

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