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Electrical Low Pressure Impactor

Dekati Electrical Low Pressure Impactor (ELPI) enables real time particle size distribution and concentration measurement in size range 30 nm up to 10 Ám With an accessory the measurement range can be extended down to 7 nm. ELPI can be used in any application where a wide size range and fast response times are required, including combustion aerosol studies, filter testing and aerosol research in general.

ELPI combines the accuracy of impactor size classification and rapidity of electrical detection for the same device. A precisely known charge given to particles in the charger is measured in real time with highly sensitive multichannel electrometers as the particles impact the collection plates. With ELPI it is possible to measure transient particle size distributions in a wide size range of particles and concentrations.

An interactive user interface enables monitoring of total concentration and particle size distribution in several different modes. These modes include parallel real-time size distribution and total concentration monitoring even from several units at the same time in the same window. Instant and continuous feedback as a function of particle size makes the particle removal device development illustrative and more efficient. Since ELPI is a collecting device, it is possible to make subsequent chemical or gravimetric analysis on the collected, size classified samples.

Technical Specs

Particle size range 0.030-10 um,
0.007-10 um with filter stage
Number of stages 12 with electrical detection, total 13
Volumetric flow rate 10 or 30 l/min
Impactor dimensions φ65 mm x 300 mm
Collection plate diameter 25 mm
Lowest stage pressure 100 mbar
Pump requirements 7 m3h at 100 mbar (10 lpm),
21 m3h at 100 mbar (30 lpm)
Operation temperature 5-40ºC
Operation humidity 0-90 % RH Non-condensing
Response time below 2-3 seconds
ELPI unit dimensions H 540 x W 400 x D 230 mm
Unit weight 35 kg
Charger voltage 5 kV
Charger current 1 uA
Computer requirements Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM, MS-WINDOWS 95TM, 98TM, NT 4.0TM, 2000TM or XPTM

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