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Pin-free Moisture Meter - RH functionality

Exotek MC-160SA works on the principle of measuring the dielectric constant of the material. The field penetration depth is approximately 50 mm. It can be used under outdoor and indoor conditions.

Choice of material code makes measurements more accurate. There are 6 selectable material codes for wood and 5 groups for building materials.

When making Bore hole Test's where the Air Humidity, Relative Humidity (RH) is a more appropriate term. For this reason, the Exotek MC-160SA is programmed to calculate the RH value from the moisture content value (only for building material).
User's Manual available in following Languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Polish.

Pin-less & non-destructive: Capacitance measurement using a high frequency dielectric field
Could be used on different materials as wood, concrete, brick and plaster
Select from 6 wood groups (about 230 species) or 5 building material groups
Moisture detection down to depth of 50 mm
Low battery warning & Auto power off
Impact resistant ABS housing
Complete with 9V battery and carrying case
MC-160SA: 0 to 98% Relative humidity calculation for building materials
MC-160SA: 32 memory locations for measurement storage

Indispensable for:
Cabinet and furniture makers
Flooring installers
Contractors and quality assurance inspectors
Anyone who needs a professional quality tool to inspect wood and building materials for accurate moisture content or relative humidity.

Technical Specs

Model Exotek MC-160SA
Remarks Measuring range-wood: "H1" 0-130 % H2O
Measuring range-building material: "E1" 0-30 % H2O
Rh for building material: 0-98% RH
Scanning depth approx.: 50 mm
Hold function: No
Alarm function (buzzer): Settable
Automatic switch off: Yes
Low battery warning: Yes
Memory: Yes
Operating temperature: -10C/+60C
Display: LCD digital
Resolution: 0,1%
Housing material: ABS
Sensor type: Chrome plated steel
Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
Carrying case: Artificial leather
DIMENSIONS (h x w x d): 150 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight (incl: battery): 160g
Warranty: 1 year

Data sheet


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