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Thermohygrograph Model Mini- (Blue)

A compact and lightweight (approx. 800g) thermohygrograph.
Sato Thermohygrograph Model Mini-a can be used as a desktop or a wall-mount use.(Blue)

Technical Specs

Model Sato 7006
Remarks Model: Mini-Alpha

Clock: Quartz type

"AA" size battery: x 1

Battery life: 6 months in continuous use

Drum rotation: 7 day

Sensors: Aged bimetal strip for temperature, Humidity sensing coil for relative humidity

Measuring range: -15 to 50C for temperature, 10 to 100% for R. humidity

Accuracy: 2C (at 10 to 30C) for temperature ,3C (other than above) for temperature, 5% (at 15 to 25C, 30 to 90%) for R. humidity, 7% (other than above) for R. humidity

Chart graduation: 2C for temperature, 5% for R. humidity
Recording pens: Cartridge pens (violet)
Dimensions: (W)125 x (H)185 x (D)110 mm
Weight approx.: 0.8 kg
Accessories: 7 day chart (55 sheets/pad), "AA" size battery x 1, button cell battery (LR-41) x 1 for digital clock

Data sheet


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