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Low Pressure Impactor

Dekati Low Pressure Impactor, DLPI, is a 13-stage cascade impactor used in many different type of applications. The instrument size classifies particles according to their aerodynamic diameter from 30 nm up to 10 Ám. With the filter stage accessory, particles below 30 nm can be collected on a 47 mm filter. In other impactor stages particles are collected on 25 mm substrates. Small deposit area and low losses make the DLPI an ideal instrument for gravimetric size distribution and chemical composition determination.

Dekati Low Pressure Impactors are available with flow rates of 10 and 30 lpm. Each impactor is calibrated individually for exact flow rate and cut points, and calibration certificate is provided with the instrument. The operation pressure under the lowest impactor stage is 100 mbar.

Technical Specs

Nominal air flow 10 and 30 lpm
Particle size range 0,030 - 10 um,
with filter stage extended below 0,030 um
Number of channels 13
Inlet NW16 flange
Outlet R 3/8 (NW16 flange)
Operation temperature 0 - 200 ºC
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions of impactor φ65 x 300 (mm)
Pump specifications minimum 7 m³/h at 100 mbar abs.
recommended 14 m³/h at 100 mbar abs.
Material stainless steel

Stage data (nominal)
Stage D50% (um)
13 10
12 6.8
11 4.4
10 2.5
9 1.6
8 1.0
7 0.65
6 0.4
5 0.26
4 0.17
3 0.108
2 0.060
1 0.030

Data sheet


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