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Wall Dewpoint Transmitter

The wall mount Vaisala HUMICAP Dewpoint Transmitter DMW19 is designed for use in air conditioning and other indoor wall mount applications where accurate and stable dewpoint measurement is required. DMW19 is an ideal choice for demanding building automation applications where dewpoint is the preferred parameter for humidity measurement. Features:
  • Proven Vaisala HUMICAP Sensor Technology.
  • Easy to install
  • Fast, on site field check

  • Technical Specs

    Model DMW19
    Measurement Range -20...55ºC (-4...+131ºF)
    Sensor Humidity: Vaisala HUMICAP 180
    Temperature: PT100 IEC 751 1/3 class B
    Accuracy Temperature: ±2ºC(3.6ºF+)
    Power supply 12...35VDC
    Output 4-20mA

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